Complete Real Estate Closings & Zoning Applications

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Complete every step of your real estate closings correctly with help from the Law Office of John W. Spoganetz Esquire Professional Corp. in Carteret, New Jersey. We work with buyers and sellers to complete everything from zoning applications to mortgage refinancing. Our services also include land law, sub divisions, and construction development.

Your Closings 
With all of the steps involved in closing on your home or business sale, it is important to turn to a team with extensive knowledge of the process. Our attorneys provide a free consultation to review your contracts and proceed with the physical and environmental inspections.

Whether your situation involves short sales or long positions, we are here to help. Our team offers contract and banking reviews before we issue the final closing for your property. We also work with you on your banking and mortgage steps to ensure that you secure funds.

Contact our legal team for assistance with your real estate closings and zoning applications.